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Elastic NATO strap is a version of a normal NATO strap with an added feature of elasticity. Thick nylon strands are weaved tightly with high grade elastic webbing to produce durable NATO straps with flexibility. These straps maintain their dimensions even after extensive use.


Premium Material: Perfectly chosen nylon fabric is used in our NATO watch strap, which makes the strap soft, comfortable, and breathable. This premium nylon fabric with a higher sheen is perfectly weaved and cleanly stitched around the buckles to provide a stylish look to your watches. Nylon fabric is weaved with high grade elastic webbing to provide flexibility to the strap. The nylon strap is heat sealed and neatly stitched, which makes our strap durable. Our straps are finished off with our signature rounded tail and subtly marked buckle which is fabricated from surgical graded stainless steel.


Safe and Comfortable: Soft and strong nylon fabric is used in our strap, which ensures comfort and durability in the strap. These straps maintain their elasticity and dimensions even after extensive use. The time-tested design (interweaving and passing through the lugs) ensures added security for your watch if one of the spring bars pops out during vigorous activity.


Multiple width options to choose: Our straps are available in 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm widths to fit thousands of watch models. To determine the proper width, use a metric ruler to measure the lug width of your watch or the width of the existing / current band at the point where it attaches to your watch. Our straps are available in multiple variants of colour and width. Try different variants for a new look daily.


Easy to Swap: Our straps are designed to complement all kinds of watch designs and they are easy to swap. Swap daily by slipping one end of the straps through the spring bars and adjust accordingly to match your preference.


Specification: Thickness - 1.7 mm.

WAMD Elastic Parachute Style Watch Strap (Red)

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